Ebenezer Dare


Ebenezer Dare is a leadership coach who is passionate about business technology management. He is the founder of Justnet Technologies Ltd, a young enterprise that focuses on ICT, Telecoms and businesses in related science helping organizations stay ahead with innovative technologies. Ebenezer is a digital marketing expert, author and entrepreneur. He is also a business analyst, project manager, motivational speaker, writer, trainer and a friend of God.

Micheal Adebayo Olaleye


Micheal Olaleye is also a prolific writer, an actor, a speaker and a Kingdom Advancement Promoter, he is nicknamed as WISE ACE due to his tireless commitment to technology, which has in no way stop him from God’s work. Micheal Olaleye is also a member of the INSPIRITED WRITERS TEAM, a renowned inspirational writers platform for the development of every human talent to realizing what God has purposed.


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