Number Lookup

Since the implementation of Mobile Number Portability in the developing African countries, Network operators around the globe has been finding it challenging to route calls and messages to the proper service provider in Nigeria as the messages were no longer delivering and calls were no longer going through because the subscribers were porting from one network to another regularly.

From market research, in Nigeria, an average number of 35,000 subscribers port on a monthly basis and that is a total of 420,000 annually and it keeps growing. With this problem, there comes a need for both local and international VAS providers and financial institutions to check the network a number belong to before routing calls or messages to mobile number subscribers.

Justnet Technologies Ltd saw this problem and came up with a service called QueryHawk. QueryHawk is a search platform that enables users to check the current network status of a phone number and it can be use by both local and international VAS providers, financial institutions and any other individuals/companies that requires such information.

We have different channels of connection for third parties via Web, API and ENUM. The system is capable of handling millions of queries in a day and it was developed having users in mind.

We are a leading information technology company in Nigeria